QnA in Seoul : Kim Sam


Finally a new Q&A in Seoul! This time the topic is art and the guest is Sam. I’ve visited two of his recent exhibitions and I can tell you that after just seeing one of his artwork, you can see how Sambypen has a clear and very recognizable style.

From his interview I agree the most about how hard is for young people to show their work. But I guess, as he also says, it’s long-run job so we just need to keep trying!


Name: Sam Kim | Date: Oct 14 2015 | Site: www.sambypen.com

What do you do? 
I create art and show it to people at exhibitions. I create art and show it to people at exhibitions.

What do you aim for?

(I aim for being the most successful artist in the world. lol) I want to be an artist who interacts with people & culture.

Disadvantages and difficulties in your profession

There’s no disadvantages nor difficulties.

It’s such a long-run job as an individual artist that it’s hard to get opportunities as a young artist.

Who or what inspires you?


Why are you in Seoul?

When I was in NY for college, I couldn’t get any opportunity to show my personal artwork because I was there with a international student visa. I came here to begin my career.

Favorite book, film and music

Book: 1A84 by Murakami Haruki

Film: The Pianist

Music: Soulection

Favorite place in Seoul


What do you think you will be doing in one year?

I will do more exhibitions (hopefully…)

A person who deserves recognition for his/her work

Dawooonipark – Animator. I’m in love with her animation.

Photography&Q: Ana Fernández

Illustration: Meritxell Jubert

Seoul : 20 things to do in Hongdae

What to do around Hongdae, Hapjeong and Sangsu stations, in Mapo?

The Mapo area is well known for having great places and festivals and for offering artistic and cultural activities. These are only 20.

  1. You can follow me while I look for more interesting places – Free ;)

Now let’s really start:

  1. Go shopping (or window shopping) – Free
  2. Buy the best Korean cosmetic products
  3. Get some great inspiration from Hongdae street style – Free
  4. Visit the artistic Sangsang Madang – Free
  5. Visit the Art Space Seogyo – Free
  6. Enjoy the Hongdae Free market and hope market – Free
  7. Get a tattoo or a really cheap piercing
  8. Visit the Trick Eye Museum, Ice Museum and Love Museum
  9. Enjoy a rock/indie/hip hop concert in any of the many venues
  10. Enjoy concerts and performances on the street – Free
  11. Try food from all around the world
  12. Try Korean streetfood
  13. Try food at the Home Plus Mall – Free
  14. Have a great coffee in interesting cafes (including the dogs/cats/sheeps cafes)
  15. Have a delicious dessert
  16. Go clubbing – Free
  17. Go to a noraebang (karaoke)
  18. Enjoy the Fringe Festival
  19. Join street parades like the Zombi Walk – Free
  20. Take the subway to come to Seoul or to go to any of the airports (that’s why Hongdae is a great place to stay!)

Any other idea I should add to the list? And let me know if you tried this 20!