Micro post: Works in progress

I’ve been thinking about the famous New Year’s resolutions. And the answer is that I want to do things that I used to have fun doing but I didn’t find make time for it (because I wasn’t being productive)

That’s why this year I plan to read more, start drawing/painting again (I used to spend hours around pencils and canvases) and get more sleep (I intent to go to bed like I was a 5-years-old).

Another thing that I used to enjoy was writing. It became a little less enjoyable when I learnt more about the fashion industry and didn’t have anything fun or exciting to say about it. Fashion and trends were my favourite topic to write about for years, and suddenly they weren’t.

Now I think I can go back to it. I started to have fun again after seeing that there’s more to fashion than (over)consuming and ephemerality. But if I do it, it will be the same way I post on IG: without any pressure. And if you find any of it useful, well, I couldn’t be happier.

Do you have anything you plan to do differently this year? Preferably something you will enjoy.

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