QnA in Seoul : Beomchul Kim

Q&A in Seoul


Q&A in Seoul is back! I’m back to interview interesting people living in Seoul. This one interview was done before holidays to the filmmaker and director Kim Beomchul. His coleague Kim Junsu chose him, and we met at his studio in Hannam-Dong. Let’s read what he said:

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Name: Beomchul Kim | Date: 14th June 2015 | Site: www.vtpb.com

What do you do?

I’m a filmaker, head director of vegetarian pitbull.

What do you aim for?

Directing films regularly.

Disadvantages and difficulties in your profession

Handling people, most difficultes in that matter.

Who or what inspires you?

Silly jokes in casual chats.French films of new wave era. Youtube & Vimeo lol.

Why are you in Seoul?

There wasn’t a choice or something.

Favorite book, film and music

Cathedral – Rayond Carver

Every films of Hon Sang Soo, Eric Rohmer, Won Kar Wai.

In music termes, always change. Thes days Flume & 혁오.

Favorite place in Seoul

왕십리  & 한남 동

Home & office.

What do you think you will be doing in one year?

Writting som narratives, film some MVs, still drink and smoking.

A person who deserves recognition for his/her work

VCR  (Animation team)

Illustration: Meritxell Jubert

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