QnA in Seoul : Xin Jung Ah

xin jung ah Collage

Again a woman designer, but this time she’s from Korea. She’s Xin Jung Ah, mastermind behind Hexynghexyng. As the other guest, she chose the place where we met: Lay Bricks Cafe (this is how I found the place!). I suggested her to write it in Korean, if she wanted to and felt more comfortable, but Jung Ah-ssi completed in a very good English. From Ulsan she came to Seoul to study and then started her own brand.

At this moment she’s working for the next collection, fighting!

Name: Xin Jung Ah | Date: 14/07/14 | Site: hexynghexyng.com 

What do you do? I’m a fashion designer

What do you aim for? Umm, [that] every people have my clothes in their closets

Disadvantages and dificulties in your profession: A lot of headaches because 창작/creation!

Who or what inspires you: All the people & books

The moment you decided to live in Seoul: Love people & many interesting things in here

Favorite book, film and music:

– 1Q84 [Haruki Murakami]

– Her [Spike Jonze]

Favorite place in Seoul: 북촌! [Bukchon]

What do you think you will be doing in one year? Maybe similar [to] now, but [a] little bit grown up

A person who deserves recognition for his/her work: 살보, he is my friend. He is a graffiti artist. He has his own world…maybe…특이해 [unique]

Illustration: Meritxell Jubert

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