Q&A in Seoul

01 qaSeoul is full of talented people, that’s why I decided to start this new project called Q&A in Seoul. I’ll try to do short interviews to interesting people around the city.

The first person I chose was Sandra, designer of yesimfrench brand. I asked her to be the one who started this section (same day we met for our collaboration). After you see the awesome patbingsu (팥빙수) we ate in Garosu-gil, you can read her answers!


Name: Sandra | Date: 4/06/14 | Site: yesimfrench.com 
What do you do? Designer / agent for Le New Black
What do you aim for? I don’t make any plan
Disadvantages and dificulties in your profession: Korean language is a difficult…money too.
Who or what inspires you: People mainly (people can be anime character, artist, sport champion…)
The moment you decided to live in Seoul: When I met my husband
Favorite book, film and music:
– The 5th Mountain, Paulo Coelho
– Lawrence Anyways, Bye Xavier Dolan
– These days I listen to Ester Rada <3
Favorite place in Seoul: Garosugil and my house
What do you think you will be doing in one year? I don’t make plans again
A person who deserves recognition for his/her work: Julian Quintart & Yann Cavaille “Pute Deluxe”


Photography&Q: hana-muv.com

Illustration: Meritxell Jubert

15 comentarios sobre “QnA in Seoul : Sandra Meynier Kang

  1. Nice concept, and I’m going to echo Tom’s comment: I want to know more! What lessons have they learned living here? Tips they have for visitors to their neighborhood?

    Great way to learn more about interesting people living in Korea :) Looking forward to reading more!

    Me gusta

  2. Awesome idea. I’m sure you could walk down some Seoul streets and find tons of people that’d be interesting to talk to. Maybe you could gear the questions more to the person’s work and what inspires them?

    I look forward to checking out more of these!

    Me gusta

  3. Love this idea of interviewing people! I’ve really wanted to interview people in Korea also, but the language barrier is a bit of a problem. I’m super fascinated by the older generation and their day-to-day life. I hope to see some interviews of Koreans here also :)

    Me gusta


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